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Coach Houses coming to Auguston



Auguston, if you're not familiar with the Abbotsford area, is a small pocket on Sumas Mountain that boasts amazing views, energy-efficient homes, a traditional school and a very Stepford-wives (in a good way) vibe to it. The neighbourhood is near to my heart, because my family came a hair's-breadth from moving there a couple years back. Value-for-money, with respect to home size, is incredible compared to the lower mainland, and the majority of the homes there are less than 10 years old, and for the most part, are built to an excellent degree of initial quality. 


Coach Houses started out on the West side of Vancouver as an answer to increasing density without creating duplexes everywhere, migrated to East Vancouver, and now appear to be coming to the Fraser Valley. Given the demographics of the area, it makes perfect sense and will be sure to add value. This also gives single-family homes the option for secondary income in the form of tenants, as the majority of homes in Auguston are single-family (IE - Not suited), or a place to send the surly teenager or adult bird that won't leave the nest. It's a great forward-thinking move on Auguston's part.